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Bluehat Group are the sole license holder for Catalyst Global products in the UK. Catalyst Global teambuilding products are operated within the team building division of Bluehat Group.

UK - Catalyst's Origin Market

Catalyst Global commenced its operations 25 years ago in the UK.  With over 25 years experience of corporate event management, Catalyst UK has in depth knowledge of all major conference destinations in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Brighton, Bristol, Oxford, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. In fact, name a major hotel and they have probably delivered one of their unique indoor or outdoor team business games at that venue!

Award Winners - Bluehat Group UK

Bluehat Group UK are experts in the field of event design & management and delegate engagement & behavioural change. The team building department at Bluehat Group will ensure that you get better return on your investment in your meeting spend with Bluehat Group than with anyone else in the UK.  

Bluehat Group UK are the sole license for Catalyst Global team building products in the UK. The team buidling division of Bluehat Group UK have an award winning team who sell and facilitate Catalyst Global team building prodcuts with the same high standards and innovative equipment as before. Through this partnership with Bluehat Group UK, Catalyst Global's long standing UK clients benefit from even more choice, experience and expertise.

Tim Shepley, Managing Director of Bluehat Group says: “For over 25 years Catalyst have been developing fantastic team building events and we are delighted to be delivering these events for them in the UK alongside ours. Clients want to know that their events company will fully understand their needs and provide the right solution at the right time for their specific teams. Adding Catalyst’s experience to our own gives us this fuller understanding and allows us to offer our clients award winning event solutions from the largest portfolio of team building events in the industry.”

Original Team

Bluehat hit the ground running by employing Fiona Craven as a Project Director. Fiona has 15 years experience delivering Catalyst Events – there is no one with more experience in the world when it comes to a Catalyst team building event. She comments that: “Bluehat Group are well known in the industry for their high levels of customer service and event delivery standards. Working within this structure means I’ll be able to oversee delivery of Catalyst products to existing and new client base who understand the benefits of team building events to their own teams and businesses.”;

Bluehat Group UK - An Experienced Team

Bluehat Group has a full time team of over 30 experts from a variety of fields. This full time team are supported by a strong freelance team who support the delivery of the events and who have the most team building experience in the country.