Metso get to know each other - actively!

Published on May 22, 2015

Metso were looking for a team activity where people would get a chance to get to know each other, act together and finish the activity with a big smile on their faces. They also wanted the activity to be active and truly captivating without any sweating.

Corporate Bodybuilding was the perfect choice. Participants dressed in corporate colours and moved into position. The final result was quite amazing!

"On the day because of unforseen matters, our numbers dropped dramatically. I was surprised how the Metso logo look perfect even with low numbers. Catalyst Finland worked with expertise to find the the right filming spot, right logo colours, arranging us T-Shirts matching those colours, taking the sunlight and shadows into account. How the activity was executed came as a surprise even to me which was very pleasant from an organizer's point of view. And, we all did have very good time! Music, dance and small funny action to heighten the spirits do not show in the video but played a big part in how successful the activity became. All of us still have the Metso-smile on our faces. An extra plus is the fact that now we have a fantastic video to use internally. Big THANK YOU for the great cooperation! I shall not hesitate to recommend you to everybody."

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