Leadership Stories

A highly thought-provoking game about Leadership

3 - 8 hours
Competitive / Collaborative
18 - Unlimited


Leadership Stories' is a game about Leadership. It is an entertaining tool with the purpose of learning, where participants cultivate their knowledge and practice their leadership skills by overcoming several business challenges, called Leadership Stories. They have to make this learning journey along with a Game Character assigned to them at the beginning of the game. Their aim is to make the best decision in every story and gain points. They can have this journey along with Valerio the 'brave', Clementine the 'mild and merciful', Alessandro the 'defender of man', Dima the 'vigour of the people', Pierre the 'rock', or Carla the 'strong and mighty. The 'urgent turnaround', the 'turnover nightmare', the 'tower of Babel' and the 'wind of change' are only some of the 12 available Leadership challenges that participants will have to face as Leaders during the game. They will have to think about each story separately, visualize the context, read both the lines and behind the lines, use their experience to weigh the pros and cons and take the most appropriate action. 'In Leadership Stories, business challenges arise the one after the other, important issues need urgent & proper handling and people are looking at you and hoping for the best... The clock is ticking! Are you ready to play?'

Learning Outcomes

Through experimentation in various realistic workplace challenges, participants will have the opportunity to become aware of their style and its impact on team climate and results. They will be able to identify the importance of utilizing different approaches to inspire, engage and motivate their people. Participants will also develop the ability to choose the right approach according to a given situation and identify areas to improve upon or further develop. ‘Leadership Stories’ is a game that applies to everyone in the business environment that has or wish to acquire a Leadership position. In addition, through the discussions involved and the highly interactive mechanism of the game, participants will get a ‘better idea’ of their current level and be provided with opportunities to exercise skills like Communication, Collaboration, Active Listening, Persuasion and Consultation.

Related Testimonial

Leadership Stories enhanced collaboration and communication within the team. It provided an excellent opportunity to discuss and delve into the importance of choosing the right style and approach for each unique situation. It was a dynamic combination of energy and humor, promoting a positive atmosphere and learning.

Katerina Xiraki
Head of Legal & HR, SRS Group of Companies

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