Toy Factory

Teams identify components, take on roles forming a production line producing toys for charity.

2 - 3 hours
10 - Unlimited


In Toy Factory, teams are provided with a mixed bag of wooden parts which they have to combine and decorate to produce a range of high quality children’s toys. Three-dimensional blueprints guide participants through the process and detail a range of toy designs. In the planning stages the group identifying components, managing the flow, taking individual responsibility and forming a production line. Once quality checked,the toys are then creatively decorated.

In the second phase some out of the box thinking is required as teams are also tasked with creating engaging and educational games using the newly assembled toys. A fun informal finale allows each team to take stage in turn and demonstrate unique activities that maximize the play value of their toys.

Learning Outcomes

Teams must create efficient production lines and quality control systems to achieve customer satisfaction. Not only do participants get an insight into customer service issues, but the toys produced have an impact for real end customers - children in need. Participants feel a oneness as they work together for a common social goal. Whether positioned in a conference breakout session or the company workplace, Toy Factory is a flexible approach to team building that upholds a community conscience.

Corporate Social Responsibility Outcomes

The toys and any game material will all be donated to a local children’s charity, school or home.

Related Testimonial

Thanks for suggesting Toy Factory. Not only did we learn more about working together and readdress our attitude towards customers but we all finished the event feeling like we had done something to put a smile on the faces of kids in need. Great feel good factor for our team.


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